10 Unique Financial Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

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I’m Whitney Morrison, Certified Financial Planner and longtime money aficionado. I’ve been advising for over a decade, working for various firms like Wells Fargo, Wealthsimple and LegalZoom, and have helped thousands of people find financial freedom.

I planted the seeds for this financial career when I was twelve. I know it sounds weird, but while most kids my age were dreaming about becoming astronauts or rock stars, I set my sights on money. In my family, money was the source of extreme stress: my dad was an alcoholic and a gambler, which was terrifying and unpredictable on multiple levels. My mother experienced many breakdowns surrounding our fluctuating bank balance, which to her (and many others) represented not only our financial state, but also who we were in the world, our value and whether or not we deserved happiness. Living through these hardships gave me a strong desire to learn as much about personal finance as possible. I became a Certified Financial Planner and began teaching others, but I still found money extremely triggering.

In order to truly change my financial reality, it required me to embark on a new journey, one less familiar and more vulnerable. This journey was to understand my relationship with money. I examined the meaning I assigned money in my life, stories I created and my money truth versus my money fear. I practiced communicating my value and trusting my ability to create and maintain financial sufficiency. This work established the foundation for Holistic Money, which takes three dimensional approach to money, addressing not only how to build a financial plan, but also how to transform your relationship with money and build a purpose-driven life.

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