Unlock life goals with strong credit

Build credit while you save money


The objective is to build your personal tradelines over a short period of time. When using the account listed below you are establishing history on your credit reports. Trust me everyone is looking to build credit but building credit is not always about spending money using a credit card. Some of these accounts allow you to add positive lines at a fraction of the cost and it will be your personal tradelines, not sub or authorize users which is great for the short term. Below is a small list that we will try to update from time to time to give you a choice of credit lines that you can build within 60 days or less. This helps especially when you trying to qualify for a new car, apartment, utilities, loans, and credit cards. Please always be mindful of how you use credit because any misuse can cause you a few years trying to clear your credit report of any derogatory information.


“My credit score has gone up 91 points since I started 3 months ago!”

Leathaniel – April 2020

“One month. Up 29 points!”

Kymari – March 2020


“Pushing 700 now. This program is awesome!”

Kymari – March 2020

Before Credit Strong: You’re stuck in a vicious cycle of denials and high cost credit only to see your credit score remain flat.

After Credit Strong: Low monthly payments build your credit and grow your savings at the same time, unlocking new opportunities.

Build credit. Build savings. No credit? Need to build credit? No problem.

How it works


Apply for a Credit Builder Account.

Your money is safe and secure.

No hard pull on your credit.


Pay off your Credit Builder Account in the specified amount of time.

You can choose the payment term and dollar amount that best fits your budget.


Each on-time monthly payment builds credit history and adds to your savings.

Your monthly payments are reported to all three credit bureaus.


Unlock your savings.

Once you’ve paid off your Credit Builder Account, your CD unlocks and the money is yours (minus fees and interest).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you report to all 3 credit bureaus? Yes

Can I pay off or close my account early? Yes

Is this a traditional personal loan? No

Can I spend the loan amount today? No

No Is there a hard pull on my credit? No

More details about the Credit Builder Account

*One-time non-refundable administrative fee$9‡

*Interest rate14.87%‡ APR (Annual Percentage Rate)15.91%

*Finance charge$146

*Total amount of payments$1,800