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Trying to raise money for your startup? I just attended Startup Grind – a conference for entrepreneurs building startups in Silicon Valley, and am here to bring you 3 top tips for getting investors to fund your startup.

We had the chance to hear from acclaimed Silicon Valley heroes like Joe Gebbia (Co-founder + CPO of Airbnb), Elad Gil (Investor/Advisor to Airbnb, Pinterest, Square, etc), Greg Brockman (Former CTO of Stripe), Michael Seibel (CEO + Partner of Y Combinator), Chris Dixon (General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz), Bryan Schreier (Partner at Sequoia Capital), Arlan Hamilton (Founder of Backstage Capital), Emily Chang (Executive Producer at Bloomberg Technology), and Nick Bonatsos (Managing Director at General Catalyst).

Make sure to watch the whole video for some top tops on startup funding, and share your startup stories down in the comments!

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